New WAVE TOYS Q*bert x RepliCade Warren Davis Edition Available Now


I absolutely love these mini arcade cabinets. I already have a full sized arcade so it’s nice to have a small one as well. Each one is made with perfect details and functionality. They play and sound like the real thing if you are a giant that is. The pre sale price is always a good deal on them and Q*bert is a great game on my buy list for full size as well. Now let’s hope for Q*bert Qubes and I can die happy.

“Never in a million years would I have expected anyone to replicate the Q*bert engineering sample cabinet I’ve had in my home for the last 38 years! I’m amazed and impressed at the level of detail they put into it. Having FHMC Q*bert as an option is especially meaningful to me as it’s my Q*bert of choice and has been playing in my cabinet almost exclusively all these years. It’s clear these guys love what they do – it shows in the attention to detail and the quality of the end product. I’m just blown away by this and can’t wait for it to get into people’s homes.”

–Warren Davis, Creator of Q*bert

Q*bert x RepliCade Warren Davis Edition

Available – Now

Retail – $169.99

New Wave Link

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