Metropolis Maschinenmensch Maria 1:8 Scale Plastic Model Kit


Fritz Lang’s 1927 phenomenon, Metropolis, returns in this intricately faithful reproduction of famed creative mind Walter Schulze Mittend’s Machine Man Maria. The scale model features Maria in her/its most iconic pose, as it stands with an air of awe and deepest fascination for Rotwang’s greatest creation. The model design itself has been inspired by the original iconic movie poster, along with the chair that Machine Man Maria stands up from, that acts as an appropriately thematic base for the model. The model kit measures aapproximately 10 1/4-inches tall upon completion. As an added detail, avid fans of the classic silent film will appreciate the flavor text found at the back of the throne as well as “HEL” embossed in the iconic Metropolis typeface; a reminder of the original form of Rotwang’s obsession. 

Please note that model does not come assembled nor painted.

Metropolis Maschinenmensch Maria 1:8 Scale Plastic Model Kit: 

Available – December 2022

Retail – $54.99

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