Hiya Toys RoboCop Ed-209 & Battle Damaged Ed-209 1/18 Action Figure


RoboCop is one of the best movies of the 80s. It is a future ultra-violent vision of that world touched us all. The craziness of RoboCop doesn’t look that different than real life these days. One thing that always stood out was ED-209, the arch nemesis of RoboCop. Let’s just say it’s a ‘not too bright chicken walker of destruction’. The Walker is armed to the teeth with machine gun cannons and a missile launcher. There is already a ReAction version in about the same scale, but this has a lot more detail. I will of course buy both because I am a RoboCop nut and have a very large collection of ED-209s. Hiya toys has a very impressive growing collection of 1/18 scale “aka G.I. Joe toys”. This means you can totally have ED-209 fight Predators.

I will just let the awesomeness of that idea really sink in for a bit.

RoboCop Battle Damaged ED-209 1:18 Scale Action Figure – Previews Exclusive: 

It is the city of Old Detroit. The time: tomorrow! Hiya Toys revisits the ED-209 figure with a special battle-damaged variant. With an exploded cannon on one arm, and featuring scars from its top-floor battle with RoboCop, this film-accurate 1:18 scale figure stands 5 1/2-inches tall and is a perfect reproduction of one of the ’80s coolest (and most incompetent) villains.The Battle Damaged ED-209 features a sound chip with movie-accurate sound effects and dialogue, while also featuring an updated foot sculpt!.AGES 15 AND UP

RoboCop ED-209 1:18 Scale Action Figure with Sound: 

The future of law enforcement has arrived! From the original RobCop, Enforcement Droid 209 joins the Hiya Toys RoboCop lineup in 1:18scale! This worthy opponent to RoboCop features articulation that mimics the movement of the Droid in the movie, plus movie-accurate sound effects and dialogue! Ages 15 and up.

Available – April 2022

Retail – $49.99

EE Link


Available – Now

Retail – $39.99

EE Link

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