Top 10 Favorite Action Figures Of 2010


We have a guest top ten today. Adam Van Wickler well known for decades in the toy industry and personal responsible for many many of the toys you love. Made up his top 10 toys of 2021. So here they are.

You can Find Adam at

IG: @playing_with_myself

Here are my Top Ten favorite action figures released in 2021:

1. Threezero Berserker armor Guts

2. Mezco One:12 Conan

3. NOTA Old Man Logan

4. Super7 Thundercats Slithe

5. MAFEX Spider-Gwen

6. Lim Toys Bio Evil 2 RPD Officer

7. Hasbro GI Joe Classified Pulsecon exclusive Zartan

8. Acid Rain Void

9. Kitzconcept Macross Roy Fokker

10. McFarlane Violator

2021 has been a ridiculously good year for toys, so I also have my 15(!) honorable mentions (in the 2nd pic and in no particular order, and yes I still feel like I left out some really great ones):

Mattel MOTU Origins Trapjaw

Storm Collectibles Darkstalkers Demitri

Claw Machine model kit

MAFEX Gambit

NECA Gargoyles Goliath

NECA Ultimate Doc Brown

MAFEX Peter B Parker

SENTINEL Miles Morales 

Hasbro GI Joe Classified Heavy Artillery Roadblock

MAFEX Hush Superman

Mezco One:12 Doctor Fate

Blitzway Inspector Gadget

Acid Rain Angels Born in Hell motorcycle set

Toy Alliance MILLINILLIONS Tao-Sor

Mattel Pixar Spotlight Series WALL-E

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