Mattel Creations Shogun Masters Golden Havoc Skeletor is Still Available (In Limited Quantities)


We got two more Shogun Masters– though of course they were limited to 250 pieces and sold out in a second. The Golden Havoc Skeletor is limited to 2000 pieces and still available unlike any of the Power Con exclusives or Tri-klops. If you are thinking it was sold out its not still for the moment so this might be your last chance. Not to mention the Golden Havoc looks better than the Dark Malice version anyways. I really love these and will always fully support the releases. My hope is that early next year we start to get other characters in the universe. Don’t be that guy later asking is anyone has it for a good price when you had the chance to get him at cost.

This limited-edition Shogun Masters Golden Havoc Skeletor Mech features wheeled feet that maneuver with ease, rocket-powered fists that pack a serious punch, and Skeletor’s signature Havoc Staff that fires spring-loaded missiles from the mouth of its iconic ram skull.

Transformed into a super-sized robot, the Shogun Masters Skeletor figure gets even more impressive in a fierce black and gold color scheme. The combination of giant fighting mechs with the most-evil-yet-beloved villain in all of Eternia is ready to take He-Man down. Let’s see that goody goody man bag of muscles shine now! 

  • The super-sized Shogun Masters Skeletor figure casts an evil shadow at nearly 2ft (61cm) tall and in a rare black and gold color scheme! 
  • The Shogun Masters Skeletor figure is ready to launch into battle with projectile weapons that include a massive fist, his iconic Havoc Staff, and 8 missiles that can be used as ammunition or snapped onto his boots and body armor. 
  • With large-scale design, rolling feet, and a rare colorway, the Shogun Masters Skeletor figure makes a great gift for fans and collectors of Masters of the Universe and Japanese anime and manga. 
  • Shogun Masters Skeletor GOLDEN HAVOC EDITION is limited to 2,000 pieces available for sale on Mattel Creations! 

Available – Now till sold out. Ships November 2021

Retail – $300.00

Mattel Creations Link

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