Let’s Talk About Mattel Creations Street Sharks Drop


Yesterday, Mattel Creations made an interesting announcement– that fans of Street Sharks would be treated to its return in the form of three highly stylized and very expensive figures.

So– we have these $75 Street Sharks. And from what I remember about Street Sharks as a kid, they were very utilitarian– they were kids toys, much in the vain of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The way it seems, Mattel Creations is honestly just an excuse for Mattel to sell Comic Con priced toys but like, not at Comic Con.

Although if we think about some of their past Comic Con items, like the SDCC Exclusive WWE figures and Jurassic Park toys, we’re still only looking at $30-$55 per item. Yeah– no excuse there.

Thus– what do we think of these toys? Well… they’re just okay.

Ripster is basically a high priced statue with a metallic paint job. These really look like something that should have come out with the Toxic Crusader’s line instead of Street Sharks. I think he has three points of articulation there.

Let’s take a look at old Street Sharks versus new Street Sharks– they don’t match. These don’t look anything like the original toys. They simply don’t fit in, and it’s not all price tag. You know what thee look like? They’re like the cheap looking florescent statues that you put in the bottom of your fish tank.

Karkass lives up to his name (the ASS part) by sticking his hand up the ass of smaller versions of him. He is a fish fister!!!

Think about it– even if Super7 had gotten the Street Sharks license, they would charge you $55 for the Ultimates. Their gimmick is to give us high quality versions of things we never got as kids. And sure, there is merit to the idea that these new Street Sharks are based off some designs and prototypes that never came to fruition. But man– it’s a lot of dollars in a row for these.

So– let’s ask this. These cost $75 a piece. So, what does $75 in Street Sharks buy you on eBay? Loose Street Sharks now go for $60-$100 loose. Has the market inflated so much that this price is justified? According to Mattel, the answer is yes. That being said, Mattel has always owned Street Sharks. This isn’t like Mattel acquiring Dino Riders from Tyco. Speaking of which, let’s talk about how much they dropped the ball on Dino Riders for a brief moment, shall we? When Entertainment Earth showed off its keshi style Dino Riders set, now owned by Mattel, we were so convinced that it was the first of many new Dino Riders to come. But two and a half years later and there is nothing. Mattel makes such amazing Jurassic World toys that it’s heart breaking not to see full sized Dino Riders on the shelves. Instead, they are clamoring through their inventory trying to find anything to live up to what Masters of the Universe has been doing for them. It’s sad and abundantly clear.

Click here to check out all of the official details relating to Mattel Creations’ Street Sharks drop. They are going on sale August 27th at 9am PST.

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