Plastic Meatball Reveals Labyrinth, Time Bandits, and Battle of the Planets Coming Soon

Plastic Meatball is showing off its newest upcoming action figures in the 3.75 inch scale. The biggest teaser this season is the Battle of the Planets, for which we have nothing more than the logo and the words “A Phoenix will Rise”. However, based on the wild response from fans when NECA showed off its own renditions of the Battle of the Planets characters, Plastic Meatball’s are likely to be a smash hit, too. For me, I am delighted most by the reveal of the Labyrinth toys– I am so glad this movie (and extended comic book world now) will be getting some more toy and collectible love! And lastly, Time Bandit fans can add to their collections with new 3.75 inch classic vintage style toy reveals too. Time Bandits will be coming in 2022, while Labyrinth fans can look forward to seeing some Dance, Magic, Dance action coming their way this year.

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