Star Wars X RockLove Kylo Ren Kyber Crystal Necklace


Star Wars X RockLove Kylo Ren Kyber Crystal Necklace

To craft the KYBER CRYSTAL Capsule Collection, RockLove partnered with the finest crystal manufacturer in the world to produce custom-colored crystals in the signature hues of attuned kyber crystals. Inspired by the STAR WARS galaxy, these exceptional crystals feature asymmetrical facets and frosted highlights, and are set within their partially assembled iconic lightsaber handle.

The Kylo Ren Kyber Crystal Necklace is handcrafted from start to finish. The son of HAN SOLO and LEIA ORGANA, BEN SOLO was seduced by the dark side of the Force and renamed himself KYLO REN.  The conflicted warrior embodied the struggle between the dark side and the light.  Cast in artisan brass, plated in black rhodium, the pendant is sculpted after Ren’s iconic crossguard lightsaber enhanced by red enamel detailing.  Cradled within the metal structure, a vibrant red crystal reflects your relationship inspired by the Force.

The substantial pendant is completed with an articulated D-ring bail and hangs from a 4mm flat genuine leather cord with adjustable slide knots so it can be customized to the perfect length.  

Product Features

  • Metal: Black rhodium plated artisan brass
  • Weight: 17 grams
  • Leather Cord: 4mm thick, adjustable slide knot up to 28 inches
  • Overall Size: 46mm x 32mm x 15mm

The Star Wars X RockLove Kyber Crystal Collector’s Box

This STAR WARS X RockLove jewelry design is Limited Edition. Every STAR WARS X RockLove Kyber Crystal Necklace arrives in a specialized STAR WARS X RockLove Kyber Crystal Collector’s Box, with a magnetic lid that converts into its own angled display case.  With silver metallic detailing, the flocked interior is customized to each character.

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