Jada Toys G.I. Joe Nano MetalFigs Mini-Figure 18-Pack


These sets are lots of fun. As long time Toy Wizards readers will recall, Jada Toys released a similar 18 pack of Power Rangers diecast MetalFigs Mini-Figures a few years back and it was a surprise set that covered many under-represented characters in the Power Rangers world. With G.I. Joe, fans can expect the same quality and array of cool characters. I hope Jada Toys continues to release these sets. Now, they did already release and reveal a six pack of these which many of us saw at Walmart (and are now on discount at Ross)– so admittedly, some of these characters are reuse. However, the price is right and if you don’t know what to do with these figures and don’t just want to fill your shelves with tiny bits, they make very nice board game tokens.

You can pick up the Jada Toys G.I. Joe Nano MetalFigs Mini-Figure 18-pack for $24.99 today from Entertainment Earth. It will ship August 2021.

Official product description via Entertainment Earth:

G.I. Joe Nano MetalFigs Mini-Figure 18-Pack:

Add to your collection of iconic American hero series with the G.I. Joe nano figures! This 18-pack comes with all your favorite characters. Featuring authentic character likeness, these 1 2/3-inch tall mini-figures are made of 100% die-cast metal are sure to bring back a glorious sense of the 1980’s nostalgia! Be a Real American Hero!

Collect them all to fend off Cobra Commander and his Cobra forces to save us from world domination! Characters include the following: Duke, Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander, Baroness, Destro, Scarlett, Doc, Dusty, Barbecue, Roadblock, Flint, Lady Jade, Firefly, B.A.T. , Cobra Trooper, Zartan, Serpento (subject to change).

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