Glyos Bio-Masters Drop 17 POWER TRIBES Crossover Part 3


Part 3 of the epic POWER TRIBES crossover event Bio-Masters Drop 17!

Don’t miss a part of the multi part crossover with a super hero theme. All of these Glyos figures are multi combinable with any other Glyos figure. The fun never ends.

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Comes with the faithful Citrus Sidekick QUIVER


Able to take the shape of any object, PVC MAN transforms into any POWER TRIBES figure.PVC MAN has MANY parts that have been sprinkled out through many of the releases and still has more to come!! Stretch your creativity and build the craziest POWER TRIBE yet!


PVC MAN transforms into a large Monster to take down his foes!!!PVC MONSTER combines with PVC MAN to create the perfect monstrous form!

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