Super7 ‘Toy News of the Week’ Roundup Report


Super7 has been up to some massive shenanigans this week and we don’t want fans to miss a moment of it. Join us for what we here at Toy Wizards is the highlight reel and get in on the toy action!

Peanuts ReAction Figures Wave 4

This week via Instagram, Super7 revealed that Peanuts ReAction figures Wave 4 were coming this fall. And this time, the entire line is going to be dedicated to Suoer7’s favorite holiday, Halloween! I am super excited for some of these reveals– you know we are all waiting for Charlie Brown the Ghost with too many holes and Lucy the Witch. I definitely want a Snoopy as the WW2 Flying Ace, escaping the Red Baron in a particularly long and drawn out animation sequence of flashing colors set to one of the best soundtracks of all time. And hell, maybe we we get Linus waiting for The Great Pumpkin. Only time can tell! I personally own all of wave one and some of wave 3– the beach vacation wave didn’t especially appeal to me. That being said, I maintain that the Peanuts ReAction figures are some of Super7’s best and most respectable work and I can’t wait for my chance to order these beauties!

Yo Flippin’ Joe!

As seen with the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers lineup, as long as a licensee is making high quality items, Hasbro is seems to be fairly generous with their licenses. Super7 is teasing that its G.I. Joe lineup will drop on July 15th, so as of this writing we can only guess what kind of merchandise will be on the way. I think at this point with any of the Hasbro-owned licenses, we can assume that ReAction figures are on the way. But the biggest question on fans’ minds is “Will there be Ultimates?” And if there are Ultimates, will they give the G.I. Joe Classified Series a run for its money? Personally, I just think they will be different. It’s a collector grade higher quality toy. Perhaps even an art piece. The $20 pieces built on the Hasbro-Engine, while collectible sure are also playable. Regardless of what Super7 doles out with G.I. Joe, I know feelings from fans boarder on curiosity and excitement.

Still Staying at Home….icon.

This week, Super7 revealed its entire lineup of toys, apparel, and collectibles that will go up for sale during its “Sorry San Diego Comic Con is still at home, so we will sell them to you directly” event. Preorders will open Wednesday July 21 at NOON (Pacific Time) so make sure if you want any of these goods that you are at the ready. I personally think the Shoguns style Godzilla is the coolest reveal– it’s been a minute since Super7 has shown off any new Shoguns, but I remember enjoying the ReAction lineup of them. Otherwise we have Mickey Mouse as the Brave Little Tailor, some Battle Damaged Power Rangers, shirts, and more. You can click the above link to see the entire stock of summer convention exclusives from Super7!

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