Innovation Point Releases More New Images For Metal Power Thunder Megazord


Innovation Point showed off even more of the Thunder Megazord (or Gosei Gattai Dairen’oh as it was called in Gosei Sentai Dairanger) These are non showroom images and we can only hope for pre order information soon on it. This amazing new mecha has a great look– highly articulated and shiny. Before someone asks (and they will) no it doesn’t come apart into individual Zords. I am happy for that this– it keeps the slick style and articulation for posing. It is also not that awful gray plastic; it is all metallic coated. This is a true display model Megazord. This is more in the tradition of Chogokin with real metal parts and super details.

No pre order information has been released. We will keep our eyes pealed and you posted when we know more.

Older Event Images

The Thunder Megazord figure comes with:

  • 8 Hands
  • One Spear
  • One Sword

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