Super7 Reveals Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers ULTIMATES Goldar During PMC Online


“But Toy Wizards,” snarks the disgruntled fan. “These were announced on Saturday and today is Monday! You are behind in the times! No one cares about this news two days later! What took you so long!?”

Well, what took us so long is that we Toy Wizards had a PMC Online panel where we discussed this new incredible Super7 reveal at length! Plus, that whole Toy Journalism thing where we actually talk about this gorgeous creation instead of simply depositing pictures and walking away.

So?! Let’s get talking!

Earlier this year, January 2021 to be precise, Super7 announced that it had the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers license and would be kicking off with ReAction Figures (wave one is out) and ULTIMATES figures. The first available in the ULTIMATES line was to be Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, Goldar, Tyrannosaurus DinoZord, and Putty Patroller all in the first wave. And alas, revealed at Power Morphicon Online was Super7’s ULTIMATES Goldar.

Super7 ULTIMATES are in the 7 inch scale, meaning Goldar (and all the big bulking monster glory that he is) will be about 8 inches tall. Accessories include four pairs of hands, an extra head sculpt, his sword, wings, and other character appropriate accoutrements. Ultimates run about $50 (give or take) and due to Super7’s Made-to-Order model, they will open a pre-order window where you can order as many of these Goldar pieces as you want. The pre-order window closes, the orders are sent to the factory in Vietnam, and about one year later, you have a monster at your door.

There is nothing bad happening here with Goldar. Sure, there will be people complaining about the price who are used to Hasbro’s Lightning Collection/Star Wars Black Series/Marvel Legends price point. But Super7 are designer collectible pieces– not action figures. And with this, it is very clear to see the intense work and artistry involved. That paint is spectacular– if you follow any Toy Wizards articles you have heard me going off about Hasbro’s yellow-gold (someone in our toy live stream yesterday called it Mustard-Gold, which sums it up perfectly). It just doesn’t appeal to me– but Super7’s Goldar sure as heck does! I am a Goldar collector with many, many pieces on my shelf and I can’t wait to get this beauty in hand.

While the artist who sculpted the piece is a master independent toy maker, they are choosing to keep hush about their involvement in this project. But I can say that it is well deserved and I’ve personally appreciated their other toy products any time I’ve had the opportunity to see them in person and clearly, they crushed it with their debut Power Rangers piece. My monster has indeed grown– has yours?

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