MOC Masters Clamshells will Keep Your Collectibles Safe and Preserved


Avid He-Man and the Masters of the Universe collector Joe Teague, known to the collecting world as MOTU Joe, has created an amazing product. Enter MOC Masters, a protective clamshell in which to store your 3.75 and 5.5 inch action figures. How many rows of mint on card/sealed action figures do you have in your collection, the top of the card bending ever so slightly. I’ll answer that question in my case– many. There are just some toys I think look nice sealed and I do not want to remove them from the card. That is where MOC Masters is a wonderful if not imperative product.

Check out some of the specs from the official site:

– Full UV Spectrum Protection (~375nm-400nm and down)

– Framed front bubble for rigidity and figure highlighting.

– Made in the USA

– Perfect Match Hinge for a guaranteed front and back compatibility

– 10 Secure Snap Locks

– Keep action figure card backs flat or help flatten out slightly bent/warped card backs

– Fully Recyclable

– Low Profile Feet for shelf display as well as peg hole for wall hanging

– Acid Free Material

You can purchase a MOC Masters Clamshell case individually via MOC Masters official website, or you can check out bulk purchasing options over at BigBadToyStore.

Official product description via BigBadToyStore:

MOC Masters UV Case will keep action figure card backs flat or help flatten out slightly bent/warped card backs. The Exclusive “Cardback Bow Buster” keeps virtually all standard release 6″x9″ action figure cardback bottoms from bowing. It offers full UV Spectrum Protection (~375nm-400nm and down) and features a Perfect Match Hinge for a guaranteed front and back compatibility. 

Low Profile Feet on the case allow you to display it on the shelf and a peg hole allows for wall hanging. Ten Secure Snap Locks will keep your action figures safe inside and a framed front bubble offers rigidity and figure highlighting.

The case is compatible with most Funko Reaction, Super7 Reaction, Vintage G.I. Joe, G.I. Joe 25th Annv., G.I.JOE Retro, Battle Beasts, M.A.S.K., Disney Droid Factory Star Wars, Vintage Star Wars, Power of the Force Star Wars, Retro Star Wars, Marvel Retro, Funskool, Action Force and more!

Fits most standard release figures on 6″x9″ cardbacks. Special releases, deluxe, or alternate variations of the above may not be compatible. M.A.S.K is a snug fit.

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