Preorders for Wrestling’s Heels and Faces Series 1 Open This Thursday


The Time Traveling Toy Dealer Zombie Sailor himself is giving the toy world an enormous surprise. The toy collector and seller reached previous infamy via case-fresh toy warehouse claim sales and an unlikely friendship between himself and mega-star Kevin Costner. In fact, Toy Wizards was there when the news broke that Zombie (aka, Josh) was working on an all-original toy line based off 90s wrestling toys. But now, toy collecting people, the big moment is upon us.

Zombie Sailor’s toy line, officially named Wrestling’s Heels and Faces is going up for preorder this Thursday– June 17th, 2021 at 8pm EST. Bookmark the official Zombie Sailor website, because you don’t want to miss this massive event of extremely epic proportions.

Zombie Sailor website: Preorder site

There are some impressive specs happening with this toy line. First and foremost, the original blueprints of each figure were designed by none other than former Hasbro designer Ron Rudat. Mr. Rudat designed many, many beloved and classic toy lines, but is arguably most famous for his work on the G.I. Joe and WWF Wrestling toy lines.

Additionally, each figure was sculpted by artist Alex Heinke who has created award-winning toy sculpts for NECA.

Each Wrestler who has a toy based off of him are directly paid a portion of the gross sales, or the portion will be given to their estate.

Again! Pre-order starts this Thursday, June 17th @8pm est. Each figure is capped at 2,500 pieces.

Pre-order will run for 2 weeks or until all the figures sell out.

Zombie Sailor interviews Ron Rudat in 2017:

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