Super7 Reveals First Look Teaser of Silver Hawks Toy Line


Several months back (February 2021, to be exact) Super7 made an amazing reveal– Silverhawks was on its way. Now, it be fair, if you did a little poking around on their site, it was easy to find that Super7 was indeed already making Silverhawks glassesware and apparel, which is the first indication of other merchandise to come. But that aside, Briam Flynn overtly spelled it out that Silverhawk toys were coming. And as of yesterday, a first look teaser image was unleashed unto the world. And from what we’re seeing, they look entirely radical.

Wings of Silver, Nerves of Steel. Coming Soon! 

Super7 Silverhawks are on their way! (An excerpt from the original Toy Wizards article)

Now, it’s not the fact that Super7 has the Silverhawks licenses that is the surprise news– it’s not’ Super7 has had the merchandising rights for quite some time. Glassware and apparel already exist– but it’s the toy announcements that’s driving fans wild! Can you believe that we will soon have Silverhawks Ultimates and ReAction figures?!

In fact– if you take a spin through Super7’s apparel and glassware store, you will see that there are many franchises and properties, (ala Transformers that existed in this fashion before toy announcements by Super7 happened). Without naming any other toy line names (we wouldn’t want our predictions to get the good people over there angry), check out their shirt and apparel and see which IPs Super7 has the merchandising rights for. Done? Great– now let’s all take a deep breath and hope toys for that franchise will be coming soon too!

The Ultimates line will come up first for Super7s made to order sale in the next two to three months, which means we will see ReAction figure announcements soon enough. The Ultimates will be in the 7 inch super action figure style completing a the He-Man/ Thundercats / Silverhawks trifecta. They has been a dream for us dorks for a long time now. Only the great guys at Super7 could do this magnificent lines justice. Super7 is toys made by fans for the fans. We will have a great year with incredible announcements down the line.

  • Silverhawks Ultimates
  • Silverhawks ReAction
  • Shirts
  • Glasswear
  • Puzzle
  • Shirts

Silverhawks at Super7 Link

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