G.I. Joe Classified Snake Eyes and Timber Collector’s Pack Pre Orders Start Thursday

One of the real big things coming for us G.I.Joe Fans is the new Commando Snake Eyes and Timber box set. While we saw some of it in the live event. We do have some details for those of you hungry for actual buy able G.I. Joe Classified figures. The Box set will be available for pre orders at most retailers. That means the big box guys Target and Walmart and online retailers like Entertainment Earth and BBTS with a paltry amount on Hasbro Pulse.

About the box set for an minute. The new Commando Snake Eyes really looks nice. I mean this really blows away the first version we have already got twice now and ordered a Fortnight version and still waiting on that last one. He does come with his infamous Uzi these where the go to gun in the 80s. Plus a couple for other guns and a knife that they really hope to actually fit in his holster. Basing this version loosely on the M.A.S.S. device episode where he meets Timber. The wolf comes with him in this box set. Fully articulated down to the ankles and a swap able head to boot. Noted this figure is number 30 in the lineup. Roadblock was 28 so there is already a missing number again. last time this happened we had a SDCC Comic Con Figure appear later. This might be something they are still holding close to there chest.

We will post a new article when we have the pre order links as well as update this page.

$39.99 beginning June 10 at 1 PM ET, and will be available “July 1, 2021 at select toy retailers

Available – July 1, 2021

Retail – $39.99

Amazon Link

EE Link


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