McFarlane Toys Announces Avatar: The Last Airbender Action Figures


Over the weekend in a social media post, Todd McFarlane let loose some very exciting news– McFarlane Toys has the Avatar: The Last Airbender license and would be releasing some new action figures soon. From what we can see in this new teaser image, the first wave (I hope first wave at least, so we can have many more characters!) fans will be treated to the Season One versions of Aang, Katara, Sokka, Zuko, and in a surprise reveal, Appa! YIP FLIPPIN’ YIP!

So, this is good and I like it. While other companies such as The Loyal Subjects in its BST AXN line has announced an Aang figure or QMX in the Q-Figs line as announced new Avatar toys and figures, the only company who has successfully been pumping out product is Diamond Select Toys. I have been collecting the Diamond Select figures consistently for about a year now and have all of them minus Katara. And those I sincerely do like.

That said, McFarlane Toys are definitely more…refined than Diamond Select. And by now I’m assuming you’ve seen the way they pump out the Batman figures and Spawn repaints. So if McFarlane wants to do that with Avatar, I’m game. I like the face on all of them from what I’m seeing and I hope that some secondary main characters (such as Azula and her friends) get some love. My dream release would be getting action figures of the Ember Island Players in their Team Avatar character costumes. That would be keen.

All in all, this is very cool news and I am excited to see these in-hand. I will definitely start collecting them and I am excited to see which characters are announced.

Via Todd McFarlane’s Official Facebook Page:

Here’s something NEW and EXCITING for you folks, we’ve got Avatar: The Last Airbender action figures from McFarlane Toys coming your way VERY soon! You won’t have to wait 100 years before you can pre-order this AWESOME first wave… more to come, stay tuned! Enjoy and Be Safe. TODD

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