Super7 Welcomes Ren & Stimpy to the ReAction Figures World


Oh, Joy! A year after Super7 unleashed their Ren and Stimpy Ultimates unto the world, the independent toy maker is showing off a new reveal– the Ren and Stimpy ReAction figures are finally available to purchase! These are the ones I am going to collect– I reviewed the Ultimates last year and I just thought it was too much toy. The seams were thick, the paint was uninspired, and I thought there were small nuances that Super7 just didn’t nail. But at a (nearly) four inch scale and completely stylized, I think the Ren and Stimpy ReAction figures look astounding. The wave comes with Ren, Stimpy, and Powdered Toast Man. Hopefully (though I doubt it because the whole messy Nickelodeon vs. John K. mess) we get more characters in the ReAction line. Maybe Ren in the Happy Helmet, or Ren’s cousin Sven Hoek. I know we’re all waiting for a Mr. Horse, and if we don’t get one we can rub our chins thoughtfully, furrow our brows, jut out our jaws, and declare “No sir…I don’t like it.”

Pick these up directly from Super7 for $18 today!

Product descriptions via Super7:

Ren & Stimpy ReAction Figure Wave 1 – Ren

You’re darn tootin’ he’s angry! It’s everyone’s favorite psychotic Chihuahua, Ren! This 3.75” articulated Ren & Stimpy ReAction figure of Ren Höek is so true to his cartoon likeness that you’ll expect him to lose his temper and start ranting at any moment. There are certain characters that bring a bit of “spice” to a show, but in Ren’s case it’s more like a whole spice cabinet got tipped over, trampled by wildebeests, and set on fire…TWICE! Despite that (or maybe because of it) you know you NEED to have the Ren & Stimpy ReAction figure of Ren in your collection. How could you NOT, you eediot!

Ren & Stimpy ReAction Figure Wave 1 – Stimpy

As good-natured and jolly as he is dim-witted, Stimpy is the perfect counterpart to his somewhat more [ahem]…“abrasive” cohort, Ren. This 3.75” articulated Ren & Stimpy ReAction figure of Stimpson “Stimpy” J. Cat, is just as doofy and lovable as you remember him to be. Stock up on some Gritty Kitty Litter and cue up reruns of The Muddy Mudskipper Show so this figure of Stimpy will feel at home as part of your ReAction figure family. Oh JOY!

Ren & Stimpy ReAction Figure Wave 1 – Powdered Toast Man

That’s no mere mild-mannered youth pastor! It’s….. POWDERED TOASTMAN…mightiest of the breakfast-food based superheroes! [No, seriously. Name a better one. Go ahead. We’ll wait….] This 3.75” articulated Ren & Stimpy ReAction figure of Powdered Toastman features his iconic toast-shaped head, form-fitting superhero uniform, and of course his toned, sculpted buttocks, perfect for grasping mid-flight! This ReAction figure of Powdered Toastman is so realistic, once you bring it home, you’ll swear you hear “Leave everything to me!” call out from among your collection when you’re not looking.

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