Mega Construx Masters of The Universe Heroes 2020 Wave 3 5-Pack


This is a collection of 5 Masters of the Universe micro action figures. The Wave includes popular characters such as Man-E-Faces, Tri-Klops, Roboto, Scareglow and Trap Jaw. Man E Faces has a moveable head for all three faces. Roboto and Tri- Klops in mini comic colors. Trap Jaw in new colors as well and weapons with both Trap and Roboto are swappable. Scareglow makes his second version as the older one has been way come and gone. Yes he still glows in the dark. This is a very needed relief for Mega Construx collectors. I keep saying it and will say it all day long. This is the line you need to be collecting.

Available – July 24, 2021

Retail – $24.99

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