Jurassic World Legacy Collection Tyrannosaurus Rex Escape Pack Target Exclusive


Target is now the king of Jurassic exclusives. Today’s pre orders is no surprise as we known about it for some time. Today they are open for pre orders. The T-Rex escape is one of the most recognizable film clips in history at this point and you can bring it alive in your living room. The set comes with of course the T-Rex one poorly designed transport in the park and a very scared child with night vision googles. You know everyone that buys this will have that T-Rex eat that poor kid right. Every set will have countless toy kid eatings by a T-Rex and possible other dinosaurs in your collection. That kid is doomed to be forever hunted, killed and ate by out of control dinosaurs. Man is life grand we have toys like this it really is a treat.

Available – August 1st 2021

Retail – $49.99

Target Link

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