Power Con Masters of the Universe Pre Orders: What You Need To Know


Power Con is coming soon one of the first convention exclusive cons with attendees. Power Con has announced their Exclusives with Mattel for both attendees and non-attendees. What does that mean for you? Today we will go over the differences and discuss the exclusives.

Attendee vs Non-Attendee

This is a very basic concept however many people get it wrong or can’t figure it out. Attendee means you would go to the convention and pick the exclusives up at the show. Non Attendees this means you live too far away to go in person to the event. However, you still want the exclusives at non eBay prices. With all of the exclusives they are limited. The non attendee exclusives are sent several weeks after the show. Don’t wait too long on ordering them. They may not be available by the time the show starts and can even sell out before the convention they are not made to order. You will not get them Monday after the event. Trust me this question comes up a lot. If you want them you should pre order them now.

Attendee pre-sales for tickets & exclusives begin Saturday, May 15th at 9:00am Pacific / 12:00 noon Eastern

Non-Attendee pre-sales for exclusives begin Saturday, May 22nd at 9:00am Pacific / 12:00 noon Eastern


• Day passes (Saturday or Sunday): $35.00 each, discounted online until Thursday, September 9th, $40.00 each at the door
• Weekend passes: $60.00 each, only available online, sales end Thursday, September 9th
• Power Passes: $300.00 each* extremely limited; only available online
Click here to purchase passes to Power-Con.

About the Exclusives

We have some of the best exclusives ever for the event. The main four pack set is blue-skinned Hordak, dark Grizzlor, a crimson Horde Trooper, and a shadow Horde Trooper. The blue skinned Hordak is referenced to both the She-Ra cartoon and some original concept art. Dark Grizzlor is a semi rare variant of the brown face version. This was never a big deal till lately where collector prices have sky rocketed. The Grizzlor will come a part like all the origins figures so it will be some very interesting builds with the parts later. Shadow and crimson Horde Troopers are based on the very rare fan made Eterina adventure continues line. These guys again used to be easily found at conventions and now have skyrocketed so this is a great deal and we haven’t even seen the box or packaging yet.

Faker and Duple-Cat is another combo of greatness. Faker is referenced to look like the extremely rare Leo Faker from India. Duple-Cat is a tribute to the many fan customs of Battle Cat over the years.

Castle Greyskull Accessory Pack. This is the finishing desert to the incredible feast of Masters of the Universe Origins convention exclusives dinner we are having. This is the most amazing add on pack that has ever been made for He-Man toys. We finally get the suit of armor that was conspicuously missing from the origins release. The spirt of greyskull ghost from the mini comics that will attach to the castle among other things aka Point Dread later down the line. Lastly the dungeon grate with removable bendable tentacle . They really really made this nice for the fans.


• Exclusive #1MOTU Origins Horde Multi-Pack – $150.00 each

Nothing can stop the Evil Horde, and that goes for their awesome figure variants. This MOTU Origins 4-Pack will contain blue-skinned Hordak, dark Grizzlor, a crimson Horde Trooper, and a shadow Horde Trooper.

• Exclusive #2MOTU Origins Faker 2-Pack – $60.00 each

What’s better than a MOTU Origins Faker that comes with an orange cingulum militare and Havoc Staff? How about a beast his can call his own? That’s exactly what you get with this 2-Pack of “Leo” Faker and Dupli-Cat, his robotic feline mount.

• Exclusive #3MOTU Origins “Secrets of Grayskull” Accessory Pack – $30.00 each

Now that fans have the outstanding Origins Castle Grayskull available for their collection, Mattel expands upon it to make it even better! This pack comes with the castle’s humanoid robot, a 3D dungeon grate that includes a tentacle, and the Spirit of Castle Grayskull. These accessories are a must-have to complete your Grayskull display.

• Exclusive #42021 Novelty Pin Set – $40.00 each


• Exclusive #5 Power-Con 2021 MOTU’style Pin – $10.00 each

• Exclusive #6Power-Con 2021 Revelations’style Pin – $10.00 each

• Exclusive #7“Arachnid” Souvenir Power-Con T-Shirt – black or blue – $20.00 each†

• Exclusive #8“Deviling” Souvenir Power-Con T-Shirt – black or turquoise – $20.00 each†

• Exclusive #9“Periscope” Souvenir Power-Con T-Shirt – black or red – $20.00 each†

• Exclusive #10“Stallion” Souvenir Power-Con T-Shirt – black or gold – $20.00 each†

*Limit of 2 Power Passes per order. The extremely limited Power Pass provides attendee with general access to the show with guaranteed front row seating in all panels during regular show hours (Saturday, September 11th, 10am to 5pm Pacific and Sunday, September 12th, 10am to 5pm Pacific), access to the Green Room with beverage and snacks during show hours and lunch from 1:00pm to 2:30pm Pacific, one free convention t-shirt, and entrance to the show 30 minutes prior to regular show hours. These benefits do NOT extend to anyone outside of the Power Pass holder, including children with free general access, friends, family or anyone else in your party. †Each Power-Con souvenir design is available in two different color shirts. All are available in adult male sizes Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL.

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