is Showing Off an Awesome Selection of Sailor Moon Merchandise for Moonies to Love


We’ve written about the Sailor Moon collectibles that you can preorder from Entertainment Earth and BigBadToyStore. Basically the moment a new Sailor Moon toy is even hinted at, we are on it! There are anime specific online collectibles stores that are also chomping at the bit of collectibles. And sure, if you want Sailor Moon inspired tank tops and jewelry (albeit of questionable quality) you can head on over to Box Lunch or Hot Topic. Go ahead, we will wait. ::taps foot like Sonic the Hedgehog::

And while GameStop in theory has listings posted for some of the Sailor Moon collectibles that are sold out everywhere else, the pickings are…well…bone dry slim over there. Which is why today, we are celebrating our friends over at by introducing Moonies to their selection of Sailor Moon collectibles! Did you know FUN is also the creators of the Halloween Costumes site? It’s true! Which means that in terms of their costumes, many of their items are made just for them for very reasonable prices and you are not able to get them anywhere else. The same applies to their apparel, and one of my favorite items, the Sailor Moon Ugly Christmas Sweater!

From household items to apparel to action figures and more, Moonies should definitely consider adding FUN to their roster of stores to buy Sailor Moon goodies from. Because the Moonlight Carries the Message of swag. Or something to that effect.

You can check out’s inventory of Sailor Moon merchandise by clicking right here!

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