Welcome to Jurassic Park! New Iconic Characters Join TUBBZ Collectibles Range


Are these adorable or what? TUBBZ cosplaying ducks by Numskull are so much fun. And with these specific pieces, Numskull is blowing it out of the water. Or…out of the Jurassic Park? Check out the new rubber ducky versions of these iconic characters that will leave you saying…the magic word.

Official description via Numskull Designs:

The Iconic Jurassic Park Film Gets the TUBBZ Treatment

Numskull Designs is introducing two fantastic characters from the iconic Jurassic Park film, from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment, that definitely have the T-Rex Factor!

Thundering onto our screens in 1993, this franchise continues to hold audiences’ rapt(or) attention!  Key characters from the first film that are the first to undergo a duck transformation are John Hammond and Dennis Nedry. The TUBBZ team have captured every detail of these fan-favorite characters to turn them into the popular duck form.

Credit: Numskull

John Hammond – the creator of “Jurassic Park” has earned his place in the duck pond.  He’s instantly recognisable with his signature straw hat, white shirt, glasses, beard and walking stick.  We would know him anywhere – even as a duck.

Dennis Nedry – there’s no mistaking Dennis the Duck in his trademark black glasses, “Jurassic Park” uniform, plus security tag complete with his new duck face, and he’s carrying the Barbasol can – let’s hope he’s not sneaking any dinosaur embryos into the duck pond!

About TUBBZ TUBBZ, cosplaying duck figurines, are replicas of characters from popular movie, video games, T.V shows and comic books. They are highly collectable with all TUBBZ coming in their own tub featuring the movie logo and can easily stack on top of other TUBBZ making it easy to display collections.  RRP: £12.99 (UK) / €14.99 (Euro) / $12.99 (US) / $24.95 (AUD) / $16.99 (CAD) each.

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