Ravensburger Shows Off Spring 2021 Puzzle Releases


Official product descriptions via Ravensburger

Ravensburger the world leader in jigsaw puzzles, builds on last year’s runaway sales success with the announcement of their Spring 2021 puzzle lineup. The brand’s spring release features 88 adult and children’s puzzles that will be available nationwide this May. Highlights include new additions to the best-selling “Cozy” line, a brand-new “Kids’ Escape Puzzles” line, a whimsical new series that features a mash-up of two popular children’s themes and a new color in the “Krypt” line.

“Puzzling has become one of America’s favorite past times. In fact, last year almost 25 million people bought a puzzle or game where they hadn’t done so the year before,” said Thomas Kaeppeler, President, Ravensburger North America. “Our Spring line has a wide-range of captivating options that will excite both our long-time puzzlers and brand-new customers who are eagerly awaiting new images to piece together.”

The popular “Cozy” series adds more opportunities to relax into favorite settings such as Cozy Cabana and Cozy Bathroom. Kids can piece together entertaining mash-up scenes like Dinosaurs in Space, Pet School Pals and Space Construction. The adult Escape Room puzzles now offer a lower piece count, plus the category introduces a new line of Kids’ Escape Puzzles that include kid-friendly images and riddles. And the challenging Krypt line is now available in a vibrant pink hue.

Cozy Bathroom
Soothe your senses with a warm bubble bath scented with roses and jasmine while you sip your favorite Merlot. Soft candlelight and balmy breezes melt your cares away. Your furry friends and a view of La Tour Eiffel await — if you ever look up from that juicy novel!
$18.49-20.99 MSRP / Available on Amazon

Cozy Cabana
An enthralling book, a yummy snack and a frosty, fruity libation are all at hand. Your trusty canine companion rests nearby, while a Major Mitchell Cockatoo stops by for a chat (boy, that bird can talk!) It’s the answer to every relaxing vacation wish.
$18.49 MSRP / Available on Amazon

Cozy Wine Terrace
Your Cozy Wine Terrace overlooks charming, pastel-colored apartment buildings with the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore just beyond the rooftops. Completed in 1434, the cathedral is the most important landmark in Florence and the fourth largest church in the world. A spectacular scene to puzzle away the hours. Salute!
$18.49 MSRP / Available on Amazon

Image Mashups (Kids)

Dinosaurs in Space
Inspire a child’s imagination with our “Dinosaurs in Space” puzzle set! Our unique concept combines two of children’s favorite subjects — ancient dinosaurs and futuristic space travel! Tina the Triceratops, Rex the T-rex and Geoffrey the Giraffatitan are decked out in space suits as they jet-pack through the cosmos. Makes a great gift for budding astronauts, dinosaur lovers and anyone looking for unique puzzles!
For ages 4 and up / $12.49 MSRP / Available on Amazon

Space Construction
The year is 2061, and the Mars Space Colony is growing! Luckily, robots don’t need oxygen, so they can quickly build a new biodome dwelling. Giant earth-movers scoop the red soil into waiting trucks. As soon as the hole is completed, the droids will assemble the new multi-level home in less than a week!
For ages 9 and up / $12.49 MSRP / Available on Amazon

Pet School Pals
Our Pet School Pals puzzle portrays a fantastical scene of furry friends riding on the school bus, climbing across a ladder, and even jumping into a net (sure hope that German shepherd has a good grip)! Professor Pooch is off to class while the cabbie glances up from his paper to observe the (somewhat) controlled chaos. The few felines seem to be staying above and out of the fray — so typical.
For ages 7 and up / $13.99 MSRP / Available on Amazon

Escape Room Puzzles

New Kids Line!
Ravensburger is adding a kids’ version to their first-of-its-kind Escape Puzzle series, which combines the fun of puzzling and thrill of an “escape the room”-style game. The new 368-pc puzzles feature kid-friendly images and riddles to solve. Themes include “Museum Mysteries,” “Jungle Journey” and “Amusement Park Plight.”
For ages 9 and up / $18.49-20.99 MSRP / Available on Amazon in May

New Adult offerings with new piece counts
Ravensburger expands the Escape Room puzzle series with new themes and a 368pc version that offers a faster puzzling experience and more riddles to solve. Themes include “The Cursed Greenhouse,” “The Toy Factory” and “The Laboratory.”
$18.49-20.99 MSRP / Available on Amazon in May

Krypt Color Puzzles

Now in Pink!
Ravensburger’s ultra-challenging Krypt puzzle now comes in pink! The 654-piece, one-tone puzzle features uniquely-shaped pieces to up the difficulty level.
$20.99 MSRP / Available on Amazon

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