Numskull Presents Doom Figures


Numskull Designs is proud to reveal the new line of Official DOOM ® Collectible Figurines as seen in DOOM ® Eternal™, the highly acclaimed video game from id ® Software and Bethesda Softworks ®. These figurines can be found in hidden locations all over the game, from the scorching depths of Nekravol to the ancient world of the Night Sentinels in Exultia. Now these collectible figurines have been brought to life through the magic of the Numskull Designs team.

Collectors will rejoice to hear that this new line introduces 4 of the most popular DOOM characters into the collectible figurines range starting this June with more to collect in the future!

You can collect them all from BigBadToyStore today— each figure (Imp, Slayer, Arachnotron, or Cacodemon) cost $41.99, stand about 5 inches tall, and will ship July 2021. They are made of PVC and vinyl!

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