100soft Reveals Smog Black, The Final 2021 Dumpster Fire Special Color Edition


Official description via 100soft:

On sale Friday from my Chicago friends Rotofugi, the last of my three new 2021 exclusive colorways, the SMOG BLACK Dumpster! This is a brand new color only available in 2021, so once it’s sold out it’ll be gone forever. 🖤 New year, new trash! ⁣⁣

Grab yours at rotofugi.com, this Friday, April 30th at 10am PT/12pm CT for $25!

Available online or for in store pick up in Chicago.

If you missed your chance to get the Sunburn Red 🥵 and Pepto Pink Dumpsters, we put some in stock on our shop.

Also in stock is our tie-dye Dumpster shirt, featuring a triple dye of purple, pink and cyan!

Click here to go directly to 100soft’s website and shop for your own goodies today!

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