Super7 Unveils Ren & Stimpy ReAction Figures


We’ve all known for a while that Super7’s Ren & Stimpy ReAction Figures were on their way, but that still doesn’t make it any less of a surprise when they drop. Or when they look this flippin’ incredible.

I personally reviewed Super7’s Ren & Stimpy Ultimates last year and they were…pretty good. (I’m linking the video review below if you haven’t seen it yet and you’re curious). With the Ultimates, (and speaking for myself because I always do), the scale was too much for the stylization. I found that I didn’t need that much Ren and Stimpy on my shelves. The seams were very thick and I was disappointed by some of the paint and simple font choices. (The sculpts were great though, Super7 is always consiserate and respectful there).

But here with these ReAction figures, all issues are gone. These toys looks wonderful. Especially if you’re still sitting on the stiff, unwelcoming Palisades figures of yesteryear. The new Super7 Ren and Stimpy ReAction Figure wave comes simple and clean with three characters; Ren, Stimpy, and Powdered Toast Man. That’s it, that’s all you need. Hopefully we will see George Liquor or Mr. Horse at some point…maybe even “Call the Poliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice” Walrus or Robe Cigar Dad with some Rubber Nipple Knees, but for now, we are happy.

Toy Wizards will provide preordering information the moment these babies go live. Because trust, I want them too.

Official description via Super7:

Oh, Joy! It’s not a log, but it’s the next best thing: Ren & Stimpy ReAction figures! Relive your memories of the classic Nickelodeon cartoon with Super7’s latest addition to the ReAction family! Arriving soon!

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