G.I. Joe Classified Major Bludd Target Exclusive Cobra Island is on eBay for Tens of Thousands of Dollars


Some bad news has come across eBay today– Major Bludd is a Cobra Island Exclusive. The current eBay auction is going for brain dead money on a figure that will be out later this year. Reminder: we have Hasbro’s Yo Joe June coming up for these sort of announcements.

Most importantly is the new Target model– what can we expect from the Major Bludd Barbeque leak earlier this year? Target is going in micro assortments of two figures, as demonstrated from the Firefly Viper Cobra Island wave. The biggest part to note– fans are seeing wave three getting on shelves in great numbers. Let’s cross our fingers that is the case for the Major here and we can all get him later in June.

Please wait and don’t feed the flippers. This auction is a clear example of the race to be the first and trust me, it isn’t worth it. This is a $20.00 figure that Hasbro already said they would be reissuing Cobra Island figures. Wait it out and for the love of Pete don’t bid on this. Clearly, this auction has turned into a game for toy collectors– fake eBay accounts have now turned this into a laughing stock and it is crazy. I am sure someone thought they could flip it for a quick buck and now its a goal to see how high people can bid this up and leave the seller with a bill.

Want to see all the fun? Check out this Ebay Link

About the figure and first thoughts: I am a Major Bludd fan so to me, this is fantastic. My only armchair quarterbacking is the mustache. I would have liked it fuller with a Van Dyke but beggars cant be choosers. The body armor looks great as does the arm shield. It was never a robot arm, it was always a arm shield for his hand missile launcher. Yeah crazy right?

He comes with two guns one massive hey I play destiny pistol and the missile launcher. He also has two missiles for the backpack not the old three or what is shown on the artwork. Both the art and the sculpt shows a grizzled mercenary and that is superb. This is the first box art that I would really want as an art print– hint hint, Hasbro.

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