Toy Wizards Review: Transformers Kingdom Deluxe Class Huffer


There’s that old adage of “good things come in small packages”.

I’ve always loved the Minibots going back to their introduction in the 80s, because they were cheap and more easily accessible than their larger Transformers toy counterparts, but they were still plenty of fun. From Seaspray to Bumblebee, Minibots were a staple of any Transformers fans collection. 

I’ve always been a fan of Huffer as well. He was a simple little truck, and with his Kingdom figure he’s still a simple little truck, but he packs a lot of fun and enjoyment into such a small package, and I’ve been waiting a while for a G1 inspired figure such as what we get here.

Huffer is super simple to transform and even though he’s a little fella he’s big fun to mess around with. A slight word of warning though, when transforming Huffer his front tires which convert up and into his back in robot mode will more than likely pop off into your hand. They’re easy enough to pop back on, but be prepared. Also, his fists are kinda sticking out in vehicle mode and I wish they could tuck away a little bit more, but overall it’s a minor nitpick for what is a superbly accurate, vibrant and dynamic vehicle mode

Huffer does come with a couple of accessories that are a little on the odd side and feel like he was accessorized for the sake of accessorizing. Equipped with a blaster and a claw shield, what’s interesting is that the blaster can split in two and combine with the claw shield to give Huffer a cab section in vehicle mode. Was it necessary? No. Is it a neat little touch? Sure. Will I ever display Huffer in this “upgraded” vehicle mode, aside from the pictures that you’re seeing? Not likely.

If you’ve read my other reviews, aside from the Dinobots, my Transformers are forever displayed in robot mode. But if I were to display Huffer in vehicle mode, it would be for the simple fact that Hasbro engineered him to be capable of towing Optimus Prime’s trailer, giving a nod to that one episode of the G1 cartoon. Hasbro has been throwing in cool little touches like that, that they could have just as easily ignored. It’s these little things that will always sell me on a toy, even for a minor character like Huffer here.

As for the overall design and articulation, Huffer is a great figure. Not as small as deluxe Cliffjumper, he falls in between Cliffjumper and Wheeljack when it comes to scale. Transformation is fluid and easy, with great paint application and a great head sculpt. The only hollow points are in the backs of his legs, which is understandable given his transformation. 

Word is, we’ll be getting a Kingdom deluxe Pipes in the near future and that’s a character even more obscure than Huffer. I always dug Pipes though and while I’m sure he’ll be a straightforward repaint, I’ll be picking him up given how much I truly enjoy Huffer. 

I give Kingdom Deluxe Class Huffer 4/5 smokestacks. 

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