Funko Reveals a Brand New Wave of Vinyl Soda Figures


Funko is showing off a new wave of Vinyl Soda figures, and believe me, if you’re into these toys you need to jump on them ASAP. Vinyl Soda figures always sell out, and if you see a piece you love, there is no reason to snag it right away. I’m looking at you, Prince John.

Ah-ha, AH-HA! PJ! I like it! Hiss, put it on my luggage. This crown gives me a feeling of power– POWER! I’ve got a dirty thumb.

Oh yes, there are other figures in this wave as well. Have you seen the John Wick?! Make sure you click one of the links below and don’t miss your chance to get your own. Vinyl Soda measure about 4.25 inches tall, come in a collectible can with a round pog style collector card, typically have a chase variant, and cost between $12.99-$14.99.

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