Megahouse Presents Sailor Moon Mega Cat Project Sailor Mewn


I mean, if I had thought of the pun “Sailor Mewn” I would have a toy line made from it, too. The cleverness and puns are enveloping my existence– not to mention that these little Mewn kitties are just adorable! That does it– from here on out if my cat starts making too much noise at night, I’m going to call it “Mewn Revenge”.

All jokes aside (I’ll try my best) this set is really, really nice. For under $10 per figure, the level of detail is just adorable. I personally love small toys that can adorn shelves or desks or line up nicely too, so for me, these are a hit. Plus, hello– that Queen Beryl cat!? I always thought she looked like a cranky kitty what with her naughty fangs and fancy collar. I think Megahouse is on to something here.

Fan theory: Queen Beryl is the humanized version of Endymion’s magic cat.


You can purchase Megahouse’s Sailor Moon Mega Cat Project “Sailor Mewn” set for $67.99 and it will ship October 2021. There is also a version of the set with a Bonus surprise something-something for $73.99.

Official description via BigBadToyStore:

Enjoy your favorite Sailor Moon characters as cats with this new Mega Cat Project line of figures! Each figure features the iconic outfits from Sailor Moon being worn by cute cats. Eight small kitties come in this set, each cuter than the last!

Product Features

  • 1.18 inches (3cm)
  • Made of PVC
  • Based on the Sailor Moon anime series
  • Sailor Moon style cat figures

Box Contents

  • Sailor Moon cat figure
  • Sailor Venus cat figure
  • Sailor Jupiter cat figure
  • Tuxedo Mask cat figure
  • Luna and Artemis figure
  • Queen Beryl cat figure
  • Sailor Mercury cat figure
  • Sailor Mars cat figure

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