Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia: Chia Pets gets an Internet Culture Makeover from Youtooz


Earn your green thumb with the new Youtooz and Joseph Enterprise’s Chia Pets collaboration. Tend to your own Motivational Lizard and Hedgedoge limited edition Youtooz Chia Pets with real live Chia Sprouts and watch it grow.  Packaging features instructions from Chia Pet on how to take care of and grow your memes. Each Youtooz Chia Pet retails for $22.99 and will be available for pre-order on Tuesday, 4/13 at 3:00pm ET.

Hedgedoge – Easy to do and fun to grow! At 5 inches tall, the legendary hedgedoge now features a remixed, plant-based version. An official collaboration between Youtooz and Joseph Enterprise’s Chia Pets, this limited edition version of Hedgedoge Youtooz is able to grow real live chia sprouts! Celebrate this goofy, cute and unpleasant moment where a Shiba Inu somehow got stuck in between a hedge on the side of the road with this release. Sculpted out of clay, this collaborative collectible is a lovely addition on any botanists desk! Measuring 5 inches in height, doge bears a carefree expression, tongue hanging out and all. The custom packaging features instructions from Chia Pet on how to take care of and grow your Hedgedoge.

Motivational Lizard – Motivational Lizard makes a comeback to Youtooz in clay form to celebrate a collaboration with Joseph Enterprise’s Chia Pets! Youtooz artists sculpted the lizard in partnership with the Chia Pets team to make it have the ability to grow real live chia sprouts out of his back! Measuring just over 7 inches in length, increase your daily motivation by tracking the growth of your motivational lizard. This limited edition collectible features custom illustrated packaging by Youtooz artists which includes four step instructions on how to grow your own Motivational Chiatooz.

About Chia Pet

Created in 1977, Chia Pets are American styled terracotta figures from which real, living chia sprouts grow. Chia sprouts usually grow in the place of animal fur or hair.

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