Power Ranger Megazord Motion Alarm will keep your room intruder-free by rocking out with you


Have you ever wanted your bed room, house, apartment, or other hang out spaces free of annoying people poking through your things? Then set a MEGA trap for them with the Power Rangers Megazord Motion Alarm! It is shaped as the disembodied head of the coolest robot in the world. If it detects motion, it can either speak two different phrases (which aren’t specified in the official description) or plays the Power Rangers theme song. I hope that Hasbro was able to legally shove the sound bytes for “Megazord sequence has been initiated” or “It’s Morphin’ Time!” using a recognizable Season 1 Ranger voice (ala Jason or something). My favorite part about the official description is the part where it touts that this motion detector will keep your diary or “masterfully built miniatures” safe. So it’s either calling you a dork or pandering hoping that you are. For the price, this is a cool looking toy, measuring six inches wide and seven inches tall. That’s a solid robot head protecting your top secret area!

The Power Rangers Megazord Motion Alarm costs $12.99 and is available today from FUN.com.

Official description via FUN.com:

Powerful Security

Because sibling conflict knows no generation, the Power Rangers are ready to help protect one kiddo’s privacy from the other. Since they’re pretty busy keeping the earth safe, however, they’ve commissioned a supply of these Power Ranger Mega Zord Motion Alarms to stand in their place. Now your child can set up a discrete security system that looks like a toy and warns of any unwanted visitor entering their room to sneak a peak at their diary or masterfully built minatures.

Items Included

  • Motion Detector Room Alarm
  • Instructions

Product Highlights

  • When motion detector is activated, device speaks 2 different phrases or plays the Power Rangers theme song
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (demo batteries included)
  • Device measures approx. 6″ tall, 7″ wide
  • Officially licensed

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