Long Lost Jumbo Machinder Garada K-7 To Set New Auction Record On Yahoo Japan


If you are wondering what the heck is a Jumbo Machinder then you are wonderfully safe from the most impossible toy collection. These are not Shogun Warriors they are the Japanese originals Jumbo Machinders– this means a lot more money. Jumbo Machinders are the you-will-never-complete-the-collection toy collection. You can’t, it is not possible because there is only a handful of these prototypes out there to finish this impossible set.

Revealed over the weekend was one of these bombshells of bombshells. In fact the most wanted and most scarce Jumbo. The infamous Garada K-7 Jumbo Machinder with a box. Minds where blown and one bank account to soon be very depleted. These are the pinnacle of Japanese toy collecting. They are incredibly rare and at one point only three were known to exist. This item on auction is now Specimen Number 7 with a box– I can’t tell you how much a box means to this. There are many extremely rich collectors that have been wanting one of these for years. Said that the last one that had surfaced to auction disappeared in to a unsavory collector’s hands to never be seen again. I was hinting at mafia wink.

Something else to note about the piece that this is the first time we ever got to see pictures from every angle. This has been to keep people from making bootleg copies. This newest impossible toy may go for over $100,000. I am betting with my collective group at $140,000-150,000. All Japanese toy eyes will be on this and the record it will be sure to set.

Yahoo Japan Auction Link

Sure everyone knows a guy with a rocket firing Boba Fett. Knowing a guy with an original Garada K-7 that is a whole another ball game. Thanks Tom for letting me touch it this once.

Garada K-7 from the collection of Tom Frank

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