Walmart Collector Con: Round Up and Purchasing Links


Walmart’s Collector Con has landed and still there. This year, items didn’t sell out in 2 minutes. They are still mostly up for pre orders and that means maybe they will deliver on those pre orders. Walmart has some issues with this we all know that. So they are not set in stone but worth a try. There is some really nice stuff available and limited amounts on Hasbro pulse as well that has not sold out already. You will want that Ecto-1 and some Beast Wars I mean who would not.

Walmart Link

Optimus Primal Rattrap Netflix Box Walmart Link

Sparkless Seeker Link

Spoiler Pack Box Set

Ecto 1 Link

Flush Ghost Link

Bug-Eye Ghost Link

Beast Wars Rattrap Link

Beast Wars Megatron Link

Beast Wars Cheetor Link

Beast Wars Optimus Primal Link

Vintage Collection AT-ST Driver Link

Vintage Collection Endor Princess Leia Link

Vintage Collection Paploo

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