Lone Coconut Reveals Brand New Plunderlings Toy Line


Part Monster – Part Pirate – Totally Cool!

Lone Coconut is showing off a new toy line called Plunderlings– it features pirate-goblin little creature dudes which are fully articulated and have a very 90s gimmick and aesthetic that warms my heart.

Check out the landing page on Entertainment Earth and learn all about them. Each 1:12 scale creation costs $39.99 and are coming at you September 2021.

Official Description via Entertainment Earth:

Lone Coconut is a creative, animation, and visual effects studio based in the Dominican Republic, founded with the goal of bringing the rich culture and history of the Caribbean to you in a fresh, fun, and imaginative way. And thus, Plunderlings were born! These adorable, high-quality action figures are a little bit monster, a little bit pirate, and a whole lot cool. In 1:12 scale, they measure about 3 4/5-inches tall and come in a variety of colors.

Each features at least 25 points of articulation for superior poseability, 3 magnetic heads (open and closed toothy grin, and smirk), 2 pairs of hands (relaxed and gripping), and individualized accessories that include a magnetic hat. These cute-as-can-be pirate adventurers have traveled from island to island, searching for treasure and mischief, and now they have their sights and course set for your collection. Argh… you’d best make ready, me hearties!

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