Care Bears Unlock the Magic Joins the Spot It! Card Game Line Up


If you’re a Care Bears fan and a keeper of little children (aka, a parent in normal people terms) then you’re going to love this new edition of Spot It! It’s a reflex heavy matching game that will keep your little ones engaged and excited. There are many editions of Spot It! featuring different gimmicks but over here, we’re down for nostalgia and the images of rainbows and cute stuff.

You can purchase Spot It! Care Bears Edition from today for $12.99.

How to Play!

Spot It! hones players’ observational skills and lightning-fast reflexes as the whole family enjoys five different games modes that test who’s the fastest to spot matching symbols and call them out!
Spot It! is perfect for young gamers. It helps develop focus, visual perception skills, speech-language skills, and fine motor skills. Players of all ages will enjoy the engaging, tactile gameplay.
Fun symbols and pictures cover every card in a Spot It! deck. Each card has exactly one matching symbol or picture in common with the other cards in the deck.
Players race to collect the most cards in ‘The Tower’ game mode as they match their cards with a shared stack of cards on the table. ‘The Well’ game mode reverses it and forces players to try and get rid of all their cards.

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