Power Rangers Lighting Collection Wave 10 Rumors


Editor’s Note: Toy Rumors means rumors. That’s why the word is in the title. Rumors. Gossip around the playground. Hopefully true but non-confirmed. We’re not gossiping, we’re catching up.

Those guys over at PR Collection Info@LightningFigPR have yet even more Power Ranger Lighting codes. These wave 10 collection figures are very exciting. A couple are known and a couple are a mystery. What we have a very good guesses on is Power Rangers Zeo Yellow Ranger and Power Rangers In Space Pink Ranger. Still a mystery is VEL MERCURY Green Ranger ? and BLM PARSEC I do like the possibility of a new villain Ecliptor or Power Rangers In Space Silver Ranger. I would like Ecliptor over Zhane any day.

PR Collection Info@LightningFigPR

BLM PARSEC: In Space ???

VEL MERCURY: ??? Green

ZTH VENUS: Zeo Yellow


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