Soul of Chogokin Voltron Defender of the Universe Landing Page– Check back for more potential stock


While the preorders sold out in a hurry, Entertainment Earth had a stock of Soul of Chogokin Voltron for only $349.99. It is very likely it was a small stock, one and done, it’s good to keep your eyes on these landing pages for potential cancelations and restock. Or you know…there’s always paying one thousand dollars on Amazon.

Voltron, Defender of the Universe returns! The single best-selling character in the history of the Chogokin series is back with amazing posability and, of course, the ability to break down into five lions. Also includes an optional screaming face to replicate battle scenes! The 10 3/5-inch tall die-cast figure comprises the Red Lion, Green Lion, Blue Lion, Yellow Lion, and Black Lion, and accessories include the large sword, smaller twin swords, a variety of other weapons, and a stand. Ages 15 and up.

Bandai Tamashii Nations GX-71 Voltron “Voltron: Defender of the Universe” Soul of Chogokin

Available – September 2021

Retail – $329.99

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TAMASHII NATIONS Bandai Soul of Chogokin Gx-88 Armored Fleet Dairugger XV

Fifteen vehicles combine into one MASSIVE robot! A long-awaited soul of choking edition of the globally popular Super robot, it faithfully forms into the three air, land, and sea team combat modes as well as the towering dairugger XV! The Super-size set includes: #1 Command jet Explorer; #2 Strato weapons module; #3 air recon helicopter; #4 air recon helicopter 2 #5 Falcon VT fighter; #6 Communications module; #7 space prober; #8 space prober; #9 multi-wheeled explore; #10 multi-wheeled explore; #11 Jet radar station; #12 rotating personnel carrier; #13 armored equipment Carrie; #14 all-terrain space vehicle; a stand; and two nameplates.

  • Fifteen vehicles combine into one massive robot! 
  • Long-awaited Soul of Chogokin edition of super-robot Voltron! 
  • Faithfully forms Air, Land, and Sea Team combat modes, plus the towering Dairugger XV. 
  • Includes #1 Command Jet Explorer, #2 Strato Weapons Module, #3 Air Recon Helicopter, and more. 

Available – March 2021

Retail – $359.99

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