Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is turning into a game via Kickstarter Campaign


Batman The Dark Knight Returns was a life changing event in Comic Books as we know it. This not only made history at the time in 1986. It changed comic books and its popularity made the the new medium of trade paperbacks a hit along with Watchmen. This new game is a single player experience set in the books incredible journey. Made by Cryptozoic Entertainment with Frank Miller this is not a game to miss. There are two versions, a base and a deluxe. I have already pledged the deluxe, no surprise. The deluxe has plastic miniatures so that is always a selling point for me. The Gamesmaster himself Flint Dille gave it two thumbs up after play testing the game so it just keeps getting better and better. Both versions are very cheap for what you get not to mention the later unlocked stretched goals. Dont sleep on this one my friends.

Available – December 2021

Kickstarter Link

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