Mezco ONE:12 G.I. Joe Destro Announced


Mezco not only joined the Power Rangers to their ONE:12 Collective line but today also stepped up and joined the wild west of G. I.Joe. Hasbro is really letting loose of the normally house brands for 2021. G.I. Joe joining Mezco is a win-win for Joe collectors. As the Classified line has been impossibly difficult to collect Mezco line already has a huge rabid fan base for the ONE:12 line. This may not be as easy as we think– pre order launches have been known to sell out in minutes already for Mezco. Let’s just hope they are fully aware of this and we can get these figures. Mind you average prices are $80-120 depending on the figure or as much for Cobra Island figures on eBay.

Destro is a great figure for the launch and a fan favorite. Already seen in the only two photos leaked are a comic style head and a creepy super smile head. The smile head already becoming memes under a hour of being seen. Mezco 6 inch figures are very articulated and will come with detailed cloth outfits and multiple heads, hands, and accessories. This will not be a line to miss as a Joe collector. These high concept details will lead to some really great figures if you can wait out the preorder process. Expect the line to be 4-6 figures a year offered and a year or more wait on each.

Availability for them will be in your local Comic Shops and Online retailers like EE and BBTS. This means most will be easy to pre order and bring some safety to your collecting. Then there will be exclusives. Yes if you just had a shiver run down your spine you would be right. Mezco exclusives have historically been hard to get and always go for crazy prices later– you have been warned.

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