Mezco ToyzFair 2021 Announcement One:12 MMPR Green Power Ranger


It seems like suddenly everyone is tossing their hat in the ring for Power Rangers. Hasbro is treating the brand as a license compared to Bandai strangle hold on no one making anything else Power Rangers. Hasbro is licesing it out to every major toy maker line. As this announcent so for in 2021 we have Super7, Icon Heroes, ThreeZero, and now Mezco Toyz. This means even more rangers in lots of different collectible sizes, shapes, and costs. From high end like ThreeZero to easy to buy and affordable Super7 ReAction figures. Mezco figures are on the higher side as collectibles go, in the hundred dollar range, with very articulate bodies detailed cloth outfits and lots of accessories.

Also notable there is already a very extensive line of One:12 figures already in scale with the new Power Rangers coming out soon. We will update as we find out more.

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