ThunderCats Fever is Here (and Relief Might Be On The Way)


With Super7’s Ultimates Thundertank announcement, fans have been going ThunderCats Crazy. That ThunderCats fever has also affected the values of the two most commonly associated with the Thundertank– Lion-O and Panthro. These have been skyrocketing in price on the secondary market. Since they were Super7 made to order figures from over a year ago, it makes them harder to come by. However Brian Flynn, owner and CEO of Super7, made a statement recently that they where trying to bring back Both Lion-O and Pantro. This is great news for the many, many Thundertank fans that desperately need a cat crew for the the tank (not to mention other fans that missed out).

This also has enraged some collectors that have bought extra figures, waiting for this moment of maximum demand on out of print figures. That said, they will likely be slightly different from the first Super7 wave. Much like the recently reissued Ultimates TMNT Wave 1, they were made with some new colors on specific parts. I am guessing that this will be the case as well. No matter what they will sell out again and this whole thing will be repeated for the people that didn’t buy them on even this rare issue wave. So as we await the new ordering information, don’t miss out this third time on Third Earth.

Thundercats Ultimates


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ThunderCats Ultimates Mumm-Ra (Glow-in-the-Dark) BBTS Exclusive


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