5 Licensed Sailor Moon Games You Can Purchase Today


Ah, Sailor Moon games. There is indeed a long history in the nearly 30 years of the franchise’s existence. Sure, we could harp on about the Game Boy / Super Famicom / Sega Saturn / 3DO / Playstation games we never got here, but what would kvetching about the past do for us here? We want to look into the future.

Besides, looking into the past only get you this:

And this:

Sure, Sailor Moon: Another Story might be one of the bet RPGs we’ve ever played, short of Magic Knight Rayearth (also for Super Famicom and Sega Saturn) and we might be lamenting their absences in the North American Sailor Moon games sphere, but alas! Anime fans, celebrate because if board games are your bag, you can play them a-plenty today.

But beware of unlicensed, low quality, bootleg puzzles. Those run rampant on Amazon and are no good.

Monopoly Sailor Moon Board Game

The series that brought anime to American mainstream meets MONOPOLY! Be the fighter to depend on and choose from six rosé-finished tokens, including a Moon Chalice, Deep Aqua Mirror, or Cosmic Heart Compact, to encounter the characters you know and love across a custom game board. Love and Friendship cards will affect your fate as you buy, sell, and trade towards a Pretty Guardian’s support for the win! This one is getting harder to find – prices on Amazon are nuts.

Amazon – $89.99

GameStop – $29.99

Japanime Games Sailor Moon Crystal: Dice Challenge

Amazon – $31.57

The Pretty Guardians and their allies need your help to defeat the Dark Kingdom and the Black Moon. And new Pretty Guardians have arrived just in time to defeat the Witches 5 and Mistress 9. Square off in one-on-one dice battles or team up for larger action! Includes Seasons 1 and 2.

Japanime Games Sailor Moon Crystal: Dice Challenge Season III Game Expansion

Amazon – $20.98

An expansion for Sailor Moon Crystal: Dice Challenge, Season 3 adds exciting new special abilities include summoning Daimon to battle your opponent in your stead, locking your opponent’s dice, “exploding dice” that add to your dice pool when you roll max values, mimicking your opponent’s dice, swapping dice values, and splitting your dice in half.

Japanime Games Sailor Moon Crystal: Truth Or Bluff Board Game

Amazon – $27.97

A hilarious party game of deception and misdirection featuring super-deformed caricatures of your favorite Sailor Moon Crystal guardians!

Are you telling the truth or bluffing? Keep your opponents guessing as you pass tiles around the table and try not to get caught being too obvious. Watch out for the Dark Kingdom villains, though, because they can mess with your plans. When one player triggers the end of the game they are defeated and the player with the most number of Success Tokens is the winner!

USAOPOLY Sailor Moon Playing Cards

Amazon – $17.99

These playing cards are worth the price of all of the Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Starlight imagery alone.

When I was a kid, my friends and I were always on the hunt for Sailor Moon collectibles. It was a dark time to be an anime fan. However, we would collect bootleg playing cards…and I would immediately stuff them into a binder with card slot pages. I sill have it to this day.

Play cards like they were meant to be played instead of hoarding these types of playing cards like I did simply because it was the only type of merchandise out there! We Believe in You!

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