We Wants It. We Needs It. Must Have the Precious Lord of the Ring Tubbz Ducks


TUBBZ Lord of the Rings Collectibles have proven to be a quacking hit with fans of the epic trilogy.  The epic story continues in the duck pond as another four new characters have joined the cast!  This takes total of characters to collect up to 12, the biggest collection in the TUBBZ, pop culture range so far! The next four characters to make a splash are:

Gollum – There’s no mistaking Gollum, even in duck form you’ll recognise him in a flash.  Look at that creepy, grey bald head and those bulging eyes.

Saruman – the white wizard who was the leader of all Middle Earth Wizards has turned, and he’s taking his newly found dark powers to the pond.

Samwise – Frodo has been in the pond without his wing man! Not anymore, Samwise McGee is on his way, ‘I’m coming Mr Frodo.’

Arwen – As beautiful as ever and wearing her Evenstar necklace, the source of her power.  She will be reunited with Aragorn at the pond and can give it to him then.

Other Lord of the Rings characters in TUBBZ range:

  • Legolas
  • Gandalf the Grey
  • Frodo Baggins
  • Sauron
  • Galadriel
  • Aragorn
  • Gimli
  • Lurtz

TUBBZ are quirky replicas of iconic characters from the biggest video game, movie, TV show and comic book brands.  Boxed in an awesome displayable ‘Lord of the Rings’ tub display stand, these collectibles are great for fans of the series to stock up on.

  • Official Lord of the Rings merchandise.
  • Designed and engineered by Numskull Designs.
  • TUBBZ – your favourite video game, movie, TV show, and comic book characters come to life as cosplaying ducks.
  • Collect them all – now 12 to collect in the Lord of the Rings TUBBZ range.
  • Display box – comes in a collector’s bathtub display box, featuring the Lord of the Rings logo and the ability to stack on top of other TUBBZ.
  • Premium collectables – highly detailed features and made from high quality PVC.
  • Approximately 9cm (3.54”) tall when outside of tub display stand (some may vary).

About Numskull Numskull Designs is the go-to for innovative, unique, and official merchandise and clothing products, having carved a niche working with the world’s most iconic video game, movie, TV show, and comic book properties. Partnering with the biggest and best names in home entertainment including global brands such as Warner Bros, Universal, Bungie, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft, SEGA, CAPCOM, Bandai Namco and many more, Numskull brings an eclectic range of branded merchandise and clothing collections to brand fans worldwide.

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