Icon Heroes Adds to its Hasbro Lineup by Announcing My Little Pony Merch


Icon Heroes has been on a roll, announcing its acquisition of all the Hasbro licenses. And today, they’re adding My Little Pony to that lineup. In typical collector form, it’s no surprise that Icon Heroes is showing off the classic 80s logo as opposed to the more modern Friendship is Magic– after all, we oldies want what we want. And out there in Collector’s Land, there are many people still collecting OG My Little Pony.

It will be interesting to see what merchandise Icon Heroes is creating for MLP. As in the other articles Toy Wizards published discussing the Icon Heroes x Hasbro collaborations, Icon Heroes makes many pins, bobble heads, and tchotchkes. They are limited in the action figure game, so what do MLP fans want to see as far as new merchandise? Statues? Toys? Commemorative items? Time will tell and we will see what new goodies are announced. But while Icon Heroes is making nice with Hasbro and all of these new licenses are being added to their catalog…

Can anyone let Hasbro know that we’d like to see new stuff from Micronauts, please?

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  1. I don’t usually like MLP collabs because I’m old school. I don’t mind the new (G4, I think?) MLP because it’s the New Generation of MLP and that’s fine, but I will always prefer the G1 ponies! 🙂

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