100soft Reveals Limited Edition Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year Dumpster Fire Vinyl Toys


New Dumpster Fire Limited Editions! Celebrate the end of the world and the holidays we cherish with two new limited edition Dumpster Fire toys from 100soft. Fans and collectors alike are treated to a Valentine’s Day Dumpster Fire (so romance!) or a beautifully colored Lunar New Year piece. Official descriptions below, don’t miss out on these preorders!!!

*Official descriptions via 100soft. To order these pieces, go to the official 100soft website. Preorders begin TODAY, January 31 2021 at 12pm PT. These are absolutely going to sell out so don’t hesitate and miss your chance!

Dumpster Fire – Valentine’s Day

Has quarantine done your love life dirty? No more 6-ft apart outdoor dates with masks on, the Dumpster Fire 2021 Valentine’s Day Edition will always be your partner in trash.

Limited edition, cast in translucent pink vinyl and filled with mean candy hearts*, features hot pink flame which may or may not be burning your ex’s belongings, idk that’s up to you. 💖

*not actual candy, please do not eat. also btw, candy hearts taste gross so why are you even attempting this anyway?

On sale Sunday, January 31st 12pm PT for $32.00.

Limit 3 per customer.

Dumpster Fire – Lunar New Year

January 2021 has been looking a lot like the post-credits scene of 2020 but it’s time for a fresh start with the Lunar New Year! Burn away all the misfortune of last year with the Dumpster Fire – Lunar New Year – Year of the Ox edition! Maybe this year will be better? idk, fingers crossed or whatever. 🧧🏮

Comes in traditional red and gold, with Year of the Ox and lantern printed embellishments.

On sale Sunday, January 31st 12pm PT for $28.00.

Limit 3 per customer.

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