Super7 Announces ThunderCats Ultimate Thundertank


Thunder Thunder Thunder Cats get in a Tank! Super7 made the most impressive modern playlet with Snake Mountain and now they’re announcing the most impressive modern vehicle ever made.


I know some of you are saying, “What about HasLab?” They are nice, but you of course expect that from Hasbro. This is coming from Super7 for a line with no commercial mainstream support. They are making the Thundertank out of love for the property. Mattel had this line and they just gave up and quit. Super7 is like “Oh, now we will make the hell out of this stuff and give you a Thundertank”. They got my support and I know it’s huge and expensive, but god damn they’re giving you a Thundertank!!! Just smile and buy that SOB.

From Brian Flynn

This has been an interesting reveal. I want to maybe help explain a bit about making toys like this. Vehicles are a thankless proposition. There is a reason you see very few vehicles ever made for a line of figures. The amount of work and extra tooling that goes into a vehicle: all the supports and turning mechanisms, interior and exterior parts, etc. are immense. There is 2-3x the engineering on a vehicle vs a playset. Vehicles are generally speaking incredibly difficult and expensive to make, and much fewer people buy them because of the space they take up. Hasbro made a razor crest scaled to 3.75” and it was $350.

This is scaled to a 7” figure, and is $450. They sold 28,000 Razor Crests, if we get past 10% of that number I will be stoked. (Think about how many people you know that collect Star Wars and how many collect Thundercats. It’s a much smaller group of being by a large margin.) the Thundertank is big, it’s awesome and unfortunately it also means it will be expensive. You can fit more than 4 LJN Thundertanks inside this one. I wish I could tell you something like this is cheap and easy to make, but it’s not, and as much as we love Thundercats, not that many other people do.

It’s not a license that makes millions of figures a year. It’s a small group of die-hard fans, and this is for them. It’s the Ultimate Thundertank ever. It’s everything you (and we) wanted it to be, but that all comes with a price. Everyone wants it to be big enough so all the figures can sit in the back of the Thundertank, sit two figures up front, the jaw and arms opens up, all the wheels roll, all the guns, the eyes glow in the dark, etc. all of that takes space. All that space costs money. This is an interesting test. Can the desires of collecting and the reality of manufacturing actually work? I guess we will all find out together.


Pre Orders February 2nd 2021

Price $450.00

Payment plans will be available like Snake Mountain

Delivery First Quarter 2022

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