Elementary School Science Teacher Launches STEM Toy-Making Startup During Pandemic


Official Press Release via Cog Toy Company:

Local elementary school science teacher develops innovative STEM education balance toy during
pandemic stay-at-home time. After months of design and development since early 2020, Octacog pre-orders begin on February 1, 2021 for anticipated shipping in April/May 2021.
Science teacher Bill Burton had been intrigued by classic balance toys as a child. After teaching a first-grade lesson on forces and motion, he realized his students were just as fascinated with the toys as he was as a kid. But the toys hadn’t really changed since then. Over a weekend, Bill thought of an idea for a modular balance toy that could be put together in countless ways to explore balance rather than just witness it. He began the prototyping process and the first iteration of Octacog was born.

Balance toys have been around for hundreds of years. As an innovation, Octacog might be the first major change to the balance toy format since the 19th century. In addition to the balance toy function, Octacog can be played as a game similar to the gameplay of Jenga. The prototype was evaluated by STEM.org to become an authenticated educational product. “Octacog excelled during our evaluation process,” shared Andrew B. Raupp, Executive Director at STEM.org Educational Research™, “averaging in the top 91st percentile out of all products authenticated since 2014.”

• Invented by an elementary school science teacher from Dallas, Texas
• Designed and developed in the Dallas-Fort Worth area
• Authenticated Educational Product by STEM.org Educational Research™
• Octacog is a modular construction toy, balance game, and STEM educational tool
• Octacog is patent pending

About Cog Toy Company, LLC: Cog Toy Company, LLC (dba Octacog), was founded in Dallas in May of 2020. Cog Toy Company manufactures and sells Octacog and the Octacog Expansion Pack. The company founder and owner, Bill Burton, has worked in education for over 20 years and serves as a board member and author for National Science Teaching Association’s Science and Children publication. More information can be found on the company website: http://www.octacog.com

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  1. James – I'm an artist, illustrator, and author. Sometimes I do art shows in the bed of my pickup truck. I spend a lot of time parenting.
    James says:

    This just looks fun – the fact that it’s also education is icing on the cake. Can’t wait to get one of these and play!

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